Gasp Announces $5M Fundraising Round

Gasp  Announces $5M Fundraising Round

We are building Gasp with the mission of connecting Ethereum rollups and the entire multichain space in the future, enabling a seamless, secure, and efficient flow of capital across the blockchain ecosystem.

We are excited to announce that we have raised a fundraising round of $5 million to support this mission, contributed by Cluster Capital, Polychain Capital, Master Ventures, Faculty Group, Moonhill, LVT Capital, CMS, Token Metrics, and others. 

This round is our protocol's third financing event in three years, bringing the total capital raised to $11 million, taking us one step further on our journey.

The vision

Gasp is a cross-rollup protocol, allowing easy swaps across Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, and most major rollups. As the protocol develops, Gasp will natively connect liquidity for all blockchains.

It is built to service the Ethereum ecosystem first with an efficient native connector for its different rollups, allowing easy, fast, and cost-efficient swaps across Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, and others. As the protocol develops, Gasp will natively connect liquidity for all relevant blockchains, in and out of Ethereum.

Gasp is secured by Ethereum validators through EigenLayer, making it one of the first AVSs (Actively Validated Services) to be deployed, building up to EigenLayer’s upcoming mainnet launch. Gasp’s technology also leverages ZK proofs to natively allow cross-chain transactions, as well as escape hatches, a feature of rollups that enables a guarantee of assets' withdrawal in all circumstances.

Winslow Strong, Founding Partner at Cluster Capital, shared: “We are excited to participate in this round supporting Gasp as they build the so-needed connecting node across the Ethereum ecosystem and beyond. Liquidity wants to flow between ecosystems, and we believe Gasp has the team, the vision, and the execution plan to make this a reality.”

This round comes ahead of Gasp’s upcoming initial release, to be announced soon. Stay tuned to the Gasp social media and community channels for the upcoming news in Gasp!

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