Gasp Natives “The Explorer”: A Journey into the Gasp Universe

Gasp Natives “The Explorer”: A Journey into the Gasp Universe

Announcing the Gasp Natives

We are overwhelmed by the love and support we've received since the launch of our Testnet.

We sincerely thank you for being with Gasp from the beginning, engaging with our product, and providing valuable feedback to our team. The numbers speak for themselves: 180k transactions and 46k testnet users to date demonstrates the need for enhancing the user experience of moving assets across chains.

Today, we want to express our gratitude by launching Gasp Natives: The Explorer – an introductory episode to the Gasp Universe. The launch of Gasp Natives marks the beginning of a series of episodes where we will share fragments of the Gasp Lore — a lore filled with unparalleled landscapes, unforgettable characters, and benefits unlocked within the community that are beyond your imagination.

The Explorers

The Explorers are the pioneers of connection, forging paths not only through territories but also between hearts and minds. Their spirit is as vast as the worlds they traverse, and their stories emerge from countless interactions with the diverse souls they encounter. In the marketplace of the unknown, the Explorers trade not just in goods but in stories, experiences, and the common currency of wonder.

Become an Explorer

Anyone curious about exploring the Gasp Universe and learning more about its places and people fits perfectly with the culture of the Explorer Tribe. If you're wondering how to join the tribe, we invite you to visit Gasp’s Discord. There, you will discover the rewards that come with being an Explorer in the Universe of Gasp and how to earn them. 

The Gasp Universe is rich in resources — a place full of opportunities of all kinds for everyone. Enter the Universe of Gasp ➤

Design Your Explorer

Enjoying the first episode of Gasp Natives? We invite you to design your own Explorer through our AI model, where with just 4-5 words you can magically create your own character.

The Gasp core team will pick the best 10 designs submitted to our official announcement on X, and these will be rewarded with $50 in stablecoins each.

To submit your design, you only need to log in to your X account and click on submit. Your design will automatically be tweeted under our campaign tweet. 

Don't be shy and help us by voting with a like the top designs!

Seriously, are you going to miss out on this?