Gasp Testnet 2.0 Release - Arbitrum is Live on the Gasp Testnet

Gasp Testnet 2.0 Release - Arbitrum is Live on the Gasp Testnet

We are pleased to announce the launch of Gasp Testnet 2.0, an upgrade designed to enhance the development and integration of various blockchains, including Layer 2 (L2s) solutions, into the Gasp ecosystem. 

This update marks a major step toward our goal of establishing Gasp as the pivotal connection point in the blockchain landscape. Arbitrum is now supported on our testnet, representing the first rollup to be integrated into Gasp - with many more planned soon.

As we move to Gasp Testnet 2.0, we would like to thank Gasp Testnet 1.0 users. On-chain activity by Testnet 1.0 users helped us define the necessary improvements for our latest testnet release, and we’ll be exploring in this article our rationale behind launching a V2.0 of the Gasp Testnet. 

First, let’s discover what new features have been introduced! 

Arbitrum Integration

A few months ago, we introduced our initial testnet, enabling users to perform deposits, swaps, and withdrawals exclusively with Gasp Testnet ETH (GETH) and Gasp Tokens (GASP) only. The recent redesign of our technology stack significantly simplifies the process of listing new tokens, facilitating broader and more efficient integrations.

As a result, we are excited to announce the first integration of an Ethereum rollup to Gasp – Arbitrum. This integration is the first step towards connecting the Ethereum and Arbitrum user experience, enabling native and lightning-fast cross-chain swaps, and enhancing the overall economy between these chains. In the future, we will introduce support for other rollups, such as Base and Optimism, and these will be integrated into future testnet updates.

We have also introduced new functionality to pay platform fees in ETH (previously only GASP could be used for fee settlement), as well as several other UX and UI improvements that make our 2.0 testnet more stable.

It is important to note that Gasp Tokens 2.0 (GASPV2) will be available exclusively through the GASP Testnet Faucet. To claim your GASPV2 and Holesky ETH testnet (provided through a third-party faucet) tokens, please click here, or read our full guide to claiming testnet tokens located here. As with Gasp Testnet 1.0, you can deposit ETH on the Holesky network to the Gasp Testnet 2.0 app, and also swap your GASPV2 to Holesky ETH and ARB within our interface.

What happens with the previous blockchain

It was necessary to launch a brand new testnet, meaning Gasp Testnet 2.0 is not compatible with the original 1.0 testnet environment. However, all activity on the Gasp Testnet 1.0 remains on chain - so rest assured if you were with Gasp during our first testnet launch, your efforts have been recorded and helped us define the Gasp Testnet 2.0.  

Going forward, future releases will be much smoother as we are also now implementing the future upgradeability of our contracts - meaning new updates to the Gasp Testnet 2.0 will not require the launch of a new testnet environment.

What’s Ahead

Our immediate priority is the launch of "Ferries", a feature designed to enable super-fast deposits and withdrawals for users. Additionally, we are actively working on integrating other L2 solutions, with Base and Optimism the most likely rollups for integration in the near future. 

Stay tuned for more details and exciting updates!