Gasp: Enabling native, lightning-fast cross-rollup liquidity

Gasp: Enabling native, lightning-fast cross-rollup liquidity

Dear Mangatarians & Ethereum Community:

Today we are happy to announce the upcoming initial release of Gasp, the fastest and most efficient cross-rollup protocol.

In recent months, we realized our native cross-chain technology could expand its impact where the highest amount of active liquidity suffers the most fragmentation. We got hands-on in research and development to assemble the best stack to fulfill the mission of connecting the growing multichain ecosystem. Gasp comes with a state-of-the-art application of our cross-chain tech, a new brand, and a new vision for the future of the space. 

We are very excited to enter the Ethereum ecosystem to be a key pillar in its rollup-centric growth, enabling gas-free, MEV-protected, lightning-fast cross-rollup swaps. Also, as Gasp evolves through the coming months, we are excited to realize the vision of becoming the connecting node across all blockchains.

Gasp is the next chapter in the adventure of building Mangata over the last few years. We are extremely proud of the work done in Mangata, as it was the foundation for this new stage of development. We are also very thankful to the Polkadot ecosystem (especially the Mangatarians) for providing us with the support to build and grow this protocol.

New Brand

Gasp launches with a new look. Our new brand is adventurous, playful and bold, reflecting the quest we embark on to become the primary cross-chain trade route, and our commitment to take Ethereum to the next level.

Gasp is the connector of networks, the missing link in a fragmented world that allows seamless capital and information flow across the rollup ecosystem and beyond. Our brand shows the journey of these networks to find each other in its universe and the characters that live in it.

New Tech Stack

Gasp will launch with Ethereum at the core of its technology, as a L2 cross-rollup protocol at first, with the vision to make Ethereum the settlement layer for all cross-chain transactions.

Gasp offers native cross-chain swaps without resorting to traditional bridges through the power of escape hatches which guarantee the withdrawal of user funds at all times, ZK proofs and decentralized sequencers.

The Gasp network also relies on Ethereum for transaction finality through EigenLayer, making it one of the first AVSs (Actively Validated Service) in the ecosystem.

ZK-rollups alone are not powerful enough to ensure the validity of cross-chain swaps. They can only attest to transactions within a single rollup, but not between them, such as an ARB<>OP swap. 

To realize our vision of building an exchange protocol that allows rollup-native liquidity, we require a trustless source of truth attesting to the honest behavior of the protocol facilitating cross-chain swaps itself. So we asked ourselves, can Ethereum vouch for Gasp? EigenLayer makes it possible.

Gasp on EigenLayer will make cross-chain atomic swaps as easy as calling a smart contract on Ethereum or any other connected chain.

What’s coming

Today is only the beginning of the journey towards Gasp mainnet and TGE. Multiple releases and opportunities will be announced in the coming days, weeks, and months, and we are extremely excited to navigate them with the community.

To our valuable Mangatarians, we welcome you to join us in this new adventure. This is the beginning of achieving our mission toward being a key pillar in a multichain world and we are excited to make you part of this journey. 

To key Mangata community members, MGX holders and the entire crypto community, stay tuned for further updates in the coming days and weeks on the next steps we have planned for you. Many exciting opportunities for existing and new community members will be announced soon!