GASP Airdrop for MGX Holders - A Complete Guide

GASP Airdrop for MGX Holders - A Complete Guide

A few months ago, Mangata rebranded to Gasp — a pivotal part of our move into the EigenLayer ecosystem and the beginning of an exciting new era as we ready for the launch of our mainnet and prepare for the token generation event (TGE) of the GASP token.

Mangata laid the foundation for Gasp, and much of Gasp’s underlying technology is based on the research and milestones we achieved during Mangata’s development. It’s always been our wish to bring the Mangatarians, who were instrumental in our early rollout, into the Gasp ecosystem - and welcome you as a Gasp Citizen!

As a result, we’re pleased to reveal more details about our planned airdrop for MGX holders and further community building token distribution details, as well as timelines and ways you can claim. 

For more information, you can join our Discord and head to channel ‘Let’s talk about the GASP Airdrop’, where we’ll have active discussions on airdrop claims and next steps when they become available.

How many GASP tokens are allocated to MGX holders?

We have allocated 3% of the total GASP supply to MGX holders, with a further 4% being explored for eventual distribution among early community members at a later date, of which we expect Mangatarians to form a large portion of.

This figure reflects the supply of GASP tokens relative to MGX, the number of MGX holders eligible for an airdrop, and the planned token distribution at TGE. It also matches the feedback we have received from our early community, and is based on your collective discussions in our Discord community.

Who is eligible?

We’re approving users in a three-stage approach, through three snapshots designed to include first and foremost the early MGX community who have held and participated in the Mangata Kusama ecosystem for a long time, current MGX holders who may have entered our ecosystem more recently, and finally those who might trade or hold MGX in the lead up to the Gasp TGE. 

This model provides three times more rewards for early MGX holders and community members, while also providing some smaller incentives for community members to continue to trade or hold MGX and support a smooth transition to GASP.

The snapshots will be taken / have been taken as follows:

  • 1st snapshot: 14/12/2023 
  • 2nd snapshot: 16/04/2024 
  • 3rd snapshot: At TGE

How can I claim GASP? 

Claiming GASP is a simple 3 step process that takes less than 5 minutes. We will soon release a claim page where you can connect your wallets and begin the claim process - keep a close eye on our socials for the link, and we'll also update this article.

On the live claim page, you’ll see an option to connect your Mangata X wallet - go ahead and connect to the account where your MGX tokens are stored. 

You’ll then need to enter the ETH Address where you’d like to receive your GASP tokens. Please use a non-custodial ERC-20 compatible wallet. Do NOT use an exchange ETH address, you will not receive your GASP tokens to an exchange address. Using a CEX address will result in tokens being lost, with no chance of retrieval. 

Finally, use step 3 to pair your accounts, and sign the transaction using your Mangata X account. Once your accounts are paired, if you are eligible for the airdrop, you will be registered for the airdrop and you don’t need to do anything else. GASP tokens will be airdropped to eligible participants at TGE.

Congratulations! You participated in the GASP airdrop for MGX holders. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your participation in the Mangata ecosystem, and we are excited to have you with us on our journey as Gasp!

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